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Daddy-Less Issues Podcast

Jul 3, 2018

What is it like to live without a dad? How about without a dad AND a mom? Does a lack of parent's stunt or accelerate an artist's growth? How did they learn to tie their shoes? Orphan comedians, Amber Rollo and Chanel Ali, have a guest on each week to talk about it and laugh at some supremely dark stuff. Listen to their stories from the luxury of your parent's guest room, while lamenting how hard it is to not have a struggle. Remember, we are proud of you.

In this episode Amber & Chanel talk with Carlos Delgado about his father's death and how he's learned to self parent and self care. The voices are helping this time.

Before that we hear from Chanel about her roast of Gloria Allred at the Friars club. We also discuss the children that are still separated from their families at the border, the opioid epidemic and the Gay Pride Parade.

And of course our famous orphan from history was gay rights activist and transgender rights activist Silvia Rivera.