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Daddy-Less Issues Podcast

Mar 7, 2018

What is it like to live without a dad? How about without a dad AND a mom? Does a lack of parent's stunt or accelerate an artist's growth? How did they learn to tie thier shoes? Orphan comedians, Amber Rollo and Chanel Ali, have a guest on each week to talk about it and laugh at some supremely dark stuff. Listen to their stories from the luxury of your parent's guest room, while lamenting how hard it is to not have a struggle. Remember, we are proud of you.

In this episode Amber and Chanel talk with comedian Ben Wasserman about growing up with a sick father and his father's recent passing. He's done a lot for his family and is truly an inspiration. See him live every Monday on Side Ponytail​ at Friends and Lovers in BK. His comedy is always different and dope.

Before that we chat about Prince Harry's new promotion, Dylan McDermott's new show (LA to Vegas), and Rosie Odonnell.

CORRECTION: Amber mentions "The Dinner Club" in this episode but she mispoke, the name of the organization is "The Dinner Party" and they started in Los Angeles. They now have tables all over the US, if you're interested check them out at if there's not a table in your hood you can start one! Orphans unite!